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Torque Order's latest EP, Metal Machines, is available now at Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.


Torque Order (a hard-driving electronic rock group based in Austin, TX) has declared war on the overly processed, vacuous, pop music clones which permeate main stream music. Their attack strategy is to successfully fuse together aggressive and high energy guitar licks and vocals, high-quality and intelligent synth lines, and fully danceable beats. The end result is a sound that crosses over any perceived genre barriers, embracing and celebrating difference, and uniting the music world in a common cause. Their demands are simple; bring creativity and meaning back to music, stop force-feeding the same five bands to music consumers, and prioritize passion over commercialization potential.

A Torque Order live show is a high-energy event that both mesmerizes and surprises the audience. The coordination of their stage presence, lighting, and video effects creates an immersive experience that grabs ahold of you and demands your attention, respect, and praise. A true cross-over musical act, they are able to count fans from every genre of music, and the crowds at the shows are generally eclectic. Their desire to connect on a deeper level with their more rabid fans led to the forming of The Order, a collective of supporters who seek to be actively involved in the project. The Order soon became a heavily utilized resource in their live shows and promotion.


Originally formed in 2001, Torque Order began as a solo project for LoZ (previously of 3.0 and Judean Radiostatic). He aquired the help of Cossack, Lady Kari and Ender for live shows, and began performing live. They soon developed a following in the Denver music scene. His experience from working as a stagehand and road crew for several well known national industrial acts and his education in Music and Video Production helped to launch the band into local fame. However, the project was put on hiatus in 2003 when LoZ moved to Austin to advance his career in the IT Industry.

Josef Pfost has been playing guitar in various bands for over 16 years. Toiling away in small, isolated communities, he was able to pay his dues and gain experience, but the monotony of garage-band obscurity and lack of alternative venues was sometimes unbearable. He finally broke free of those constraints in 1999 when he moved to Austin, but his music career was also put on hold due to financial limitations.

That all changed in 2011 when Pfost and LoZ were introduced at work and began discussing music. It was obvious that they shared a dislike like for the overly processed, repetitive, pop music that dominated the air waves. They began meeting and writing music almost immediately and decided to resurge the Torque Order project, revising and improving several original tracks. However, while gearing up to play live shows, they realized that something was missing. Synthesized beats were fine for records, but a live show would demand a more solid and tangible wall of sound.

Addition of Jaye Leigh Vincent

After several unsuccessful attempts at adding other members to help with this challenge, they met Jaye Leigh Vincent, and recruited her for Drums. Although new to percussion, her impeccable timing and ability to play to a click track soon moved the sound to a new level that LoZ and Pfost never thought was possible. Her unconventional perspective and “less is more” attitude allowed her to experiment creatively and design her distinctive, attention grabbing, and one of a kind standing drum kit, featuring a suspended kick drum.

The Revolution Begins

From here, the revolution began. Their performance and venue resume reads like an Austin bar guide. They have played venues ranging from Elysium, Red Eyed Fly, Headhunter’s, Infest, Red7, Beale Street Tavern, Dirty Dog Bar and Warhorse. Torque Order’s experience and professionalism allowed them to support national acts Combichrist, Cynergy 67, Faderhead, and others, on their tours and play large festivals (ZombieCon San Antonio, Convergence 2012, TX Industrial Fest 2011 and 2012, and Heart of Texas Rockfest Rewind 2013).


Metal Machines (EP)May 27, 2016

Torque Order's latest, featuring remixes by Adoration Destroyed, Precision Field, Society Burning and more. Available at Bandcamp and CDBaby


  • Metal Machines 04:38
  • Metal Machines (Adoration Destroyed Remix) 04:20
  • Metal Machines (Resistance Mix by Society Burning) 04:55
  • Metal Machines (Precision Field Remix) 05:12
  • Metal Machines (Russell Rott Remix) 05:19
  • Metal Machines (DJ 501 Remix) 04:48
  • Metal Machines (Lonely Road Mix by Kounter Mehzure) 04:25

Music : Torque Order
Lyrics : Torque Order
Guitars : Josef Pfost
Drums : Jaye Leigh Vincent
Vocals : LoZ

Trust No OneDecember, 2014

Torque Order's debut album. Released 12/13/14 on New Regime Records. Available at Bandcamp and CDBaby


  • Nothing to Lose 03:27
  • Runnning 04:18
  • Blind 04:22
  • Believe 05:34
  • Bulletproof 03:46
  • Epic 05:14
  • Betray 05:27
  • Pound of Flesh 04:18
  • Rise 04:05
  • Sail 04:12

Music : Torque Order
Lyrics : Torque Order
Guitars : Josef Pfost
Drums : Jaye Leigh Vincent
Vocals : LoZ

SXSW 2014 (EP)March, 2014

Special, limited edition demo for SXSW 2014.

Music : Torque Order
Lyrics : Torque Order
Guitars : Josef Pfost
Drums : Jaye Leigh Vincent
Vocals : LoZ


Torque Order Announces Official Release of TRUST NO ONE December 13, 2014

The long awaited debut album for Torque Order Is officially released! We will upload photos from tonight's release party in the near future. In the meantime, you can get your very own copy of TRUST NO ONE at the Tourque Order Bandcamp page or at their CD Baby page: Here

Torque Order Announces Debut Album Pre Order December 1, 2014

The long awaited debut album for Torque Order will be released 12/13/14! You are able to preorder the digital or physical CD's at the Tourque Order Bandcamp page or at their CD Baby page: Here

New Website Launch December 1, 2014

Torque Order's new webpage goes online today! We have been working hard to get this all put together, and now you get to see the results! We will be adding several features in the future, including a live stream page, where you will be able to see Torque Order web broadcasts! So be sure to check in often!


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